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Lipo for Guys

Not only women care about their bodies and how they look – men care, too. And even though the male anatomy, musculature system and metabolism help them gain tone faster and easier than women – does not mean they don’t also have stubborn areas that won’t ‘bend to their will’, just like women.

SmartLipo is a unisex procedure that helps contour areas such as :

The abdomen – After diet and exercise, a little lipo in this region can define the abdominal muscles, providing that ‘six-pack’ look.

‘Love handles’ – The toughest part of the anatomy to lose; SmartLipo techniques can trim the obliques, and blend them naturally to the rest of the body.

Thighs and Knees – As we age, these areas, even in men, can sometimes use a little touch up.

Arms – As with the abdomen, extra definition can better show off all of the hard work at the gym.

Back – Lipo can help achieve the masculine v-shaped back and extra definition.

Chest – Like it or not, some men have extra fat cells and skin in their pectoral region. This condition, called gynecomastia, can give a fellow ‘moobs’ (man boobs). Whether it is caused by heredity, age, weight gain, weight loss, or loss of tone – SmartLipo can remove the excess fat cells and tighten the area, adding definition and a flatter profile.

Face and Neck – A little lipo to the neck or face can be applied to diminish jowls, double chins or other problems areas.

So, guys…we KNOW you care about looking attractive; and, just like women, liposuction is a ‘means to that end.’ If you have some stubborn areas that you would like to consider contouring – contact a board-certified surgeon in your area and discuss your plan of attack.

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