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Safety and Complications

SmartLipo is an extremely safe procedure. The SmartLipo procedure was approved by the FDA in November of 2006, and a serious life-threatening complication has never resulted from SmartLipo. That is because SmartLipo is performed under local anesthetic, not the much more risky general anesthesia. SmartLipo has been performed thousands of times since being brought to America in 2000 and has shown itself to be one of the safest cosmetic surgeries available.

The SmartLipo procedure is safer than traditional liposuction because there is minimal bleeding and minimal invasion. In addition, only local anesthetic drugs are used in the SmartLipo procedure. There are no extensive stitches or incisions to possibly get infected, and no lengthy hospital stays are required. SmartLipo is an outpatient procedure that is one of the safest and fastest-growing cosmetic surgery options available today.

SmartLipo™ body-contouring results without the traditional risks...!

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