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Why SmartLipo™?

Did you know that Liposuction is the #1 most popular cosmetic medical procedure in the US?

If you are considering liposuction, you must ensure you are fully educated about the risks, benefits and potential outcome of your procedure. You are starting in a good place by considering SmartLipo™ over other conventional liposuction techniques.

You are in an even better place by visiting because we are committed to providing only the best, most experienced professionals currently administering SmartLipo™ techniques.

Why is SmartLipo™ the best possible choice of all the possible liposuction procedures? Because SmartLipo™ is the most advanced technique available. Read on to learn about how much Liposuction has improved over the last 40 years.

The Evolution of liposuction

Liposuction dates back to before the 1965 when initial procedures involved the use of painful and scary instruments. Imagine the suffering that early liposuction patients must have had to endure! Isn't it amazing what we will do to be beautiful?

This barbaric procedure, while still being perfected over the course of the 70's and 80's was causing significant blood and fluid loss and a very high occurrence of complications, infection and death. Additionally, recovery time was quite lengthy, allowing for further potential complications.

Eventually, the rotating scalpel was replaced with a blunt-tipped tube called a "cannula" which produced more efficient, reliable and attractive results. However, this "dry" technique still caused pain, blood loss, and required general anesthesia. If the procedure did not cause complications, the anesthesia frequently did.

Then, in the mid-80's a fairly significant breakthrough occurred when the "tumescent" or "wet" technique was introduced. The tumescent technique involves flushing the area to be treated with copious amounts of fluid, including saline and an anesthetic which numbed the area. The introduction of fluid and anesthetic reduced blood loss and alleviated the need for general anesthesia. Recovery times were shortened as well, further improving the overall liposuction experience.

In the 1990's, there was some experimenting with ultrasound in an effort to liquefy the fat cells and further simplify and refine the removal process. Sound waves were transmitted through the cannula directly to the area to be treated. Today, there are both traditional ultrasound assisted liposuction (UAL) as well as external ultrasound assisted liposuction (XUAL) which transmits the sound waves externally, through the skin. There are many different terms for the various lipolysis or liposuction techniques, like: tumescent lipo, Smartlipo, Laserlipo, Waterjet Lipo and others. There is also ultrasound assisted liposuction or Vaser Lipo, which has also grown in popularity over the years. Whether one is truly superior to the other is questionable. The most important factor is your the skill of your doctor or surgeon performing the surgery - and his or her familiarity with the devices, equipment and technique.

The REAL Breakthrough

Then, the REAL breakthrough occurred in the mid-2000's. Two types of laser assisted liposuction were approved by the FDA. SmartLipo™ is one of these advanced techniques.

The key distinction of laser assisted liposuction is the improvement in the preparation process for the removal of fat cells. Since the cells were instantly liquefied by the laser, the size of cannula required to remove them is significantly smaller. Laser assisted liposuction allows for a very small incision and overall less invasive procedure. Typically, liposuction recovery also calls for the wearing of compression garments, but now, the duration has been significantly reduced. Who wants to wear a girdle even a minute more than is absolutely necessary, right?

So, not only was the experience improved, pain was virtually eliminated and recovery time was considerably faster.

This breakthrough spawned the development of the SmartLipo™ technique, and all the doctors at are fully certified and experienced in the SmartLipo™ process. You can be assured that you will receive only the best healthcare from SmartLipo™ Top Docs. To learn more about our rigorous screening techniques, see our homepage.

Are you a qualified candidate?

Liposuction is not for everyone, but a large portion of the population can be considered for the treatment.

Liposuction is not meant to replace a healthy lifestyle. You cannot become physically fit by undergoing liposuction. In order to be a qualified candidate, you must demonstrate that you have a healthy lifestyle, do not smoke, and will respond positively to the treatment.

Liposuction is a medical procedure, and even with the advent of SmartLipo™, it is not without risks. That's why we are so careful to choose the doctors represented at SmartLipo™ We have screened for the appropriate number of cases worked, experience, and current client base to ensure that you are being treated by the best. Our featured doctors are subjected to additional screening, which should give you the reassurance that they are truly the best of the best.

Only your doctor can determine if you are qualified to pursue treatment, but there are a few areas we can cover here to give you a head start before you meet with your doctor.

General Eligibility for SmartLipo™

If you are physically fit, but have "problem" areas that just aren't responding to dieting and exercise, you may be a candidate. Typically, areas most frequently labeled "problem" areas include the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and flanks.

Patients must be at least 18 years old, healthy and physically fit.

Patients with certain health conditions may still be qualified candidates. However, due to the inherent risks involved with the procedure, your SmartLipo™ doctor will consult with you to weigh the risks versus the benefits. In most cases, the benefits outweigh the risks and the patient can be treated.

SmartLipo™ Results

It's also important to understand what liposuction can achieve in the way of results. Realistic expectations are an important step toward overall satisfaction with the procedure.

Fortunately, with SmartLipo™, the results are amazing. Ever since liposuction was invented, there have been issues with the quality of the fat removal and the final results. Dimpling, rippling, bumps and pockets have all been problems cited with traditional liposuction techniques. However, with SmartLipo™, the results are nearly flawless. The laser process allows your SmartLipo™ doctor to apply the process evenly to all areas being treated, using the laser as a guide. There is virtually no guesswork, like there used to be with older liposuction techniques. Therefore, there is very little chance of too much, or too little fat being removed. This precision allows for and evenly treated area, which improves even further as the recovery time elapses and skin shrinks around the site.

Even with the amazing results of SmartLipo™, it's important to realize that the pictures you see in magazines are not real. The human body is inherently imperfect, and will always be so. You and your SmartLipo™ doctor will evaluate your potential for results and you should come away from your consultation with a very clear understanding of what the procedure will do for you.

SmartLipo™ can increase your self-confidence, body image, and overall attitude about yourself and your life. Choosing the right doctor is an important part of the overall process of undergoing liposuction treatment. If you have doubts about the procedure, your doctor should be patient with you and fully explain all the risks and benefits before you make a final commitment.

SmartLipo™ doctors have the experience, knowledge and compassion to work with their patients and ensure that expectations are truly realistic. You will have the opportunity to view real pictures of real patients, and even see video in some cases. You should visit your SmartLipo™ doctor prepared with any questions you may have.

See our FAQ's page for some commonly asked questions about SmartLipo™ and the answers.

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