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SmartLipo Cost

Smartlipo: Benefits vs Costs

Along with the many improvements in liposuction, laser lipo takes it one step further and offers increased skin tightening, less damage to the surrounding tissue during the procedure and in turn less downtime post procedure. Costs for smartlipo tend to be a little higher than those of other modern liposuction techniques but after factoring in the substantially reduced downtime associated with laser liposuction the cost is well worth it.

Although costs for Smartlipo vary depending on the size of the area to be treated; you can usually expect to pay approximately $1,700 to $4,500 in U.S.A here in Costa Rica $1100 per area treated. . Hips and inner outer thigh usually cost around $7,000 for Smartlipo USA in Costa Rica $3000. The smaller the area usually the lower the cost, so a chin you might only expect to pay around $1500 with the laser assisted liposuction technique. Of the many benefits with Smartlipo, one must consider the reduced downtime associated with this procedure when factoring in costs. By first melting the fat before removing it thru a vacuum, trauma to the surrounding tissue is minimized and patient's recovery time is reduced. In addition, costs for may vary slightly per physician and per body area. Asking the right questions about overlapping procedures on 2 or more treatment areas within a single visit, and how much downtime is typically required with each of your treatment areas, will help you to accurately determine your total costs for the Smartlipo technique.

Get Smart about Smartlipo Costs

As with any surgical procedure it is important to do your homework researching a qualified, and board certified surgeon to perform your procedure. Results from an inexperienced surgeon can be unsightly lumps in areas under the skin where the fat was removed unevenly. In addition, caving in of the skin into pockets where excessive amounts of fat were taken out is another post operative complication showing inexperience or carelessness from the physician. Fixing the damage caused by an inexperienced surgeon can make the cost of Smartlipo and any liposuction procedure very expensive with costs to repair damage reaching $20,000 in some cases. Getting your desired results and the ability to resume your normal routine as quick as possible, are most important. With Smartlipo, your life and health are restored almost immediately because of the minimal pain and short recovery period associated with the procedure.

Financing the Costs of Smartlipo

Because most insurance companies consider it an elective procedure, Laser Assisted Liposuction costs are usually not covered under any health plan. Some of our doctors, however, believe that everyone should have access to this cutting-edge procedure. As such, zero-percent financing is available to qualified applicants.

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