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Post-Operative Care

With SmartLipo, you will begin to recover as soon as the procedure is finished. You will first be escorted to a recovery room, where the doctor will review the procedure and give you instructions on how to take care of your wounds. You will generally be able to return home within two hours after the SmartLipo procedure. You will need to follow your doctor's recovery instructions precisely, and he or she may prescribe minor pain medication.

You will also receive compression bandages that are key to the recovery process. They encourage healing by preventing the affected tissues from shifting after the SmartLipo procedure. They can also help prevent your blood from clotting.

Following surgery, your doctor may suggest a bit of movement in the following days to promote circulation but limited to only minor activity. In the days after, remember to not take any anti-inflammatory medicines or blood thinners like Aspirin. In addition, it is recommended that you do not smoke for a few days after the procedure.

You will heal from SmartLipo in several stages. First, minor bruising and numbness may occur right after the SmartLipo procedure. These side effects should disappear within days, if not hours, of leaving the recovery room. The swelling will go down within a week. At this time you will be able to resume normal activities, or at the request of your doctor. However, once the swelling is gone, your recovery is finished and you will be able view the SmartLipo surgery's final results.

After your SmartLipo procedure, your doctor will schedule recovery checkups. During these follow-up visits, he will examine you to make sure they are healing well. It is critical that you keep your appointments as you recover. Doing so will ensure that you heal without scarring and/or infection. Most patients' skin is completely back to normal within three months of the SmartLipo procedure.

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